OnePosting SynergySuite

Automate Supplier Invoice Reconciliation

For Restaurants, Cafés, Food Service, Hospitality

Hands-free invoice checking

Let our Automated Supplier Invoice Reconciliation technology check and verify each supplier invoice.

Pricing is verified against a purchase order in SynergySuite. Quantities on the invoice are also compared against each connected delivery in SynergySuite.

You have the reassurance that your supplier accounting records are correct, and time is released for staff to focus on other, more pressing tasks.

Picture of automated supplier invoice reconciliation
Discrepancies are sent for online review
Approved invoices posted to financial system
Information for decision making available sooner

Maximize your profitability

Streamline processes, increase visibility

Eliminate paper

Remove paper, data entry, filing, storage, disposal, and paper handling costs.

Identify issues

Highlight discrepancies with pricing or quantities invoiced automatically.

Automated data entry

Reconciled invoices are posted to your accounting software automatically.

Expand locations

Grow your business and add new locations without adding new admin staff.

Streamline processing

Centralize invoice processing to provide clearer and faster financial visibility.

Improve margins

More informed vendor information leads to better relationships and better pricing.

Eliminate 'Financial Leakage'

Identify and address hidden costs built into existing practices

"OnePosting helped us identify cash that was leaking out of our business through manual errors that were 'hidden' by our previous process. Addressing this 'financial leakage' has made a positive contribution to enhancing our profitability" 

CFO - 'Irish Pub' chain
Wine and food representing areas of potential financial leakage

we handle all types of invoices and bills

Reconcile more than food & beverage invoices

Equipment purchases, leasing bills, contract hire, fixed assets.

Service contracts, call-out charges, repair costs, trades.

Fees for services such as accounting and legal, permits, and licences.

Online and offline promotions and activities, advertising.

Laundry services for uniforms, professional kitchen wear, and other laundry items.

Cleaning products, cleaning consumables, as well as cleaning equipment

Gas, electricity, phone, internet, and any other utilities used in the course of your business.

Monthly rent, property fees, property taxes, and leases.

Designing, building, renovating, decorating, refurbishing.

Independent suppliers of desserts and bespoke dishes.

Our Accounts Payable Automation solution enhances the completeness, speed and accuracy of your profitability figures for each location by processing all invoices and bills electronically.

Accounts Payable Automation

Our AP Automation solution connects to SynergySuite further streamlines your back of house operations.

No change for suppliers

Suppliers continue to send invoices as normal as PDF attachments to emails.

Protect your systems

Emails are screened and invoices validated to minimize the risk of invoice redirection fraud.

ZERO Error Extraction

Data is extracted from invoices with 100% accuracy using our unique non-OCR technology.

Auto-match to SynergySuite data

Invoiced pricing is checked against purchase order pricing from SynergySuite and invoice quantities are checked against receiving transactions in SynergySuite.

Invoices posted to your financial system

Approved invoices may be posted automatically to your financial system, eliminating data entry, removing paper, increasing visibility and control, while removing 'hidden' costs and enhancing margins.

Restaurant Back of House Operations Management Software

SynergySuite delivers savings and helps increase efficiency to enhance profitability across all your locations.

Laptop in use in a restaurant

The comprehensive suite of back of house functionality provides better information for decision making, reduces admin time, and streamlines many time-consuming tasks.

The connection with OnePosting enhances spend control by increasing the speed and accuracy of supplier invoice reconciliation and releases staff to focus on more value-added tasks.

SynergySuite data synchronized with OnePosting

SynergySuite contains extensive functionality to manage, create, and issue purchase orders to suppliers.

When items specified on a purchase order are received, they can be checked and damage or discrepancies recorded.

This data is then used by OnePosting to validate supplier invoices.

Supplier Invoice Reconciliation Software

OnePosting delivers Accounts Payable Automation using a unique technology that doesn't rely on OCR.

This means that data is extracted from PDF invoices with 100% accuracy.

Automated Invoice Checking

OnePosting automatically checks prices on an invoice against the prices specified on a purchase order raised in SynergySuite.

It also checks that each item invoiced is the one that was ordered and not an alternate serving size or unauthorized substitute.

The quantity of each item delivered is checked against one or more receiving transactions that were recorded on SynergySuite.

Chef putting finishing touches to meals

You and your team are released from admin to maintain a focus on delivering an excellent customer experience, while the OnePosting technology working with SynergySuite assists with effective financial management and cost control.

Combining 'best in class' solutions

Increase the accuracy of operational costings using data extracted from supplier bills with 100% accuracy.

Margin calculations include all costs
Live data through synchronized systems
No/Low impact on suppliers who bill as normal
Accurate data from ZERO Error data extraction

Book a Discovery Call

What to expect from the Discovery Call

This is an opportunity to learn if supplier invoice reconciliation is relevant for you.


- Provide an overview of your business.
- Understand your supplier invoice process.
- Identify areas you want to improve.
- Establish potential benefits.
- Assess the type of solution that will work best for you.

Of course if you feel it would be of benefit, we would love you to consider the OnePosting supplier invoice reconciliation solution.

However, if we are not a fit for you, you will at the very least have learned more about accounts payable automation that will assist you in achieving your goals.

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